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ATM Machine For Disabled by TransTech

TransTech Group recently partnered with Sharjah Islamic Bank to create an ATM enclosure that enables people of determination to use the automated teller machine (ATM) seamlessly with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

This innovative ATM machine helps individuals on wheelchairs as well as the blind to function the machine. A wall mounted ATM is equipped with unique technology to make this possible. Braille stickers help the blind input the necessary data, and a voice assistant helps in the output of information.

The ATM also has a special feature wherein the user can plug headphones for better sound clarity. The ATM enclosure is wheel-chair friendly, and the flooring is checkered so that the wheel chair is stable while the user is performing the transaction.

Mohammed Abdullah, CEO of Sharjah Islamic Bank, said: "The move aims at helping people of determination and providing them with the supportive technology that enhances their independence and financial empowerment and help them integrate into the community.

"These efforts are in line with the UAE Government's orientation towards the empowerment of people of determination by implementing the best policies and practices which help them make decisions and have equal participation in society."

He added: "We are proud to be the first financial institution in the Middle East to launch such an ATM that serves two categories of people of determination: Those who are visually challenged and those who use wheelchairs, alike. It is not the first service offered by the bank to people of determination.

Speaking to Khaleej Times, Ibtisam Buzinjal, a visually challenged beneficiary, said that the new ATM made her feel self-reliant, as she didn't need anyone to help her with the transaction process. It also ensured that her money and account were safe, she added.

Kulaithim Obaid Al Matroushi, a wheelchair user, said: "I felt so great withdrawing Dh500 from the ATM without anyone's help."

The ATMs are deployed in Al Jaffliya, Al Thiqah Club for Handicapped and Emirates Association of the Visually Impaired.

TransTech Group is the leading ATM solutions provider in the Middle East. Their services include ATM surrounds, ATM enclosures, ATM kiosks, ATM on wheels, and ATM services.

Source: Abdullah, A. (2019). Sharjah opens ATM for the disabled. Khaleej Times

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