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Portable Smoking Rooms

Smoking cabins are an effective way to create a smoke-free environment and protect people from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke. These cabins can be rapidly deployed and removed as needed, making them ideal for use in different settings, such as corporate events or homes.


  • Fully customizable based on your requirements

  • Protects surrounding from passive smoking

  • Efficient air cleaning system built-in

  • Fully modular and portable

  • Lightweight aluminium

  • Custom LED push-through signage created in-house

  • Echo-free acoustic design

  • Quick delivery and installation on site

  • Complementary 3D design and virtual reality tour on request

  • Precision-cut sticker branding matching your exact brand pantone (3M, Mactac, etc.)

1 Year
Heat Dissipation


A well-built smoking cabin requires a number of features that are attained by specific materials and technology. It should also be modular so the cabin can be deployed to a new location once its purpose is done in the other. To maintain clean air within the smoking cabin, it is crucial to add ventilation, fans and dehumidifiers. 


We offer a wide range of easily portable and user-friendly container smoking room cabins that are commonly used on construction sites. These portable cabins are designed with utmost precision and are designed to last long. TransTech is your one-stop source for portable container cabins. Our portable smoking cabin is available in various sizes and shapes; we consult with our clients to get a perfect solution for their business needs.

Stay In The Loop

At TransTech, we understand that transparency with clients is more important than ever before. That is why we've developed a Project Update System that will tell you the exact status of your project. Get weekly updates about the progress of your project, including the completed scope and HD photos. Never stay in the dark again!

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Weekly updates about your project

  • Instant notification by email/WhatsApp

  • HD photos of the latest progress

  • Understand what's coming next

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