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Mobile Car Wash Van

Waiting around for your car to be washed and cleaned isn't the most exciting experience. Offering a car wash service to clients at their doorstep is a no-brainer. With TransTech's vehicle conversion, the sky is the limit. TransTech has created a number of mobile car wash businesses in UAE. Start your car wash service with a high-quality wash van. We can customize your van to offer all types of interior and exterior services such as steam wash, steam cleaning and car detailing. With our free design consultation, washing and cleaning cars have never been easier. 


  • Multiple power options such as solar power, generator or electricity

  • Stainless steel water tank built to last a lifetime

  • Anti-slip flooring

  • Brushes and tools holder custom made based on your proposed equipment

  • Fold-away hydraulic stairs

  • Emergency 24v lighting and the electric system powered by UPS

  • Practically unlimited amount of storage space

  • Optional towel dryer and washing machine

  • Push-to-start portable generator system

  • Camera with DVR system

  • Internet-enabled

  • Detachable water pressure and foaming machine with precision-cut mounts 

  • Back loading and unloading system with tail lift rated for 1.5 tons

1 Year
Heat Dissipation

Stay In The Loop

At TransTech, we understand that transparency with clients is more important than ever before. That is why we've developed a Project Update System that will tell you the exact status of your project. Get weekly updates about the progress of your project, including the completed scope and HD photos. Never stay in the dark again!

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Weekly updates about your project

  • Instant notification by email/WhatsApp

  • HD photos of the latest progress

  • Understand what's coming next

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